Dear Visitor!

Welcome to the web-site of Haas Gallery. It's a great pleasure for me to have you as a new guest in my virtual gallery, whether you are a long seen old friend of ours, or just an Internet surfing art fan. Let me give you some introduction words before taking the first glance.

In 1995 my life changed a lot, when being a passionate art collector I made an old dream of mine come true and opened a Gallery in Falk Miksa street. By now this street has become the ultimate centre for art and antique trade in Budapest. Antique shops and Galleries show up one after the other - if you visit us personally you will see it for yourself.

Being both an art collector and gallerist my main purpose from the very beginning was to be able to exhibit through this activity the real modern Hungarian fine art of quality, and to collect fans of modern artist generations of the 20th century and further. Based on this purpose we have started a series of exhibitions, in order to exhibit those artists of KUT, namely the Képzőművészek Új Társasága (New Association of Fine artists) who are so close to my heart but who have gained so insufficient appraisal. With this work we tried to contribute to their reinvention. We started the series with showing the works of Géza Bene, followed by Józsa Járitz, Viktor Ráfael Győző, Jenő Gadányi and Pál Bor. I intend to carry on with the series for as long as possible - we trust this group of talented artists bears values yet unrevealed. Besides we organised such exhibitions of high appraisal as Art in the social realism. Moreover to this we dealt with the artists of Hungarian avantguard idea between the two World Wars; the second generation of Nagybánya; the postimpressionist group of Szentendre as well as correspondents of Hungarian expressionism.

I try enabling the friends of art to meet pieces of art of high quality. The gallery focuses on exhibiting the available range of all-modern painting and art, including both classical modern pieces and also contemporary ones that shape good taste and reaches the public. I hope that both the passionate collectors, lovers of good pictures and the ones looking for a present of good taste will find an art of work to their own liking.

The type of art I'm dealing with stands close to my heart, but my greatest pleasure is to make these pieces known to a wider audience. The world-wide-web provides excellent grounds for that, as the audience can be wider than ever. Although I'm a type of person not to make friends with technics that easily, I came to be fond of computers as well and like making friends through this. The purpose is the most important thing for me - to show the art so appreciated by me most efficiently.

I present this offer for the wide audience with the greatest pleasure with the help of the Internet. I hope and that's what I'm consciously trying to achieve that you will get to like these pieces be it a Middle European, a Far-Eastern or an American art lover to carry a message of all languages. I hope this tour of our virtual gallery will give you a long-lasting experience and we trust to be able to welcome you amongst us in person shortly. . -

Have a wonderful virtual tour at our site! Looking forward with great pleasure to see you in person,

Yours sincerely

János Haas

and the Haas Gallery Team

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