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Haas Gallery has long been the art merchand of quality and besides this well-known and reputed reputed activity we would like to serve the whole range of all the services related to artworks. According to this strategy we are proud to introduce the menu of our Services below. If you?

a.. don't know how to export a painting? We shall arrange all aspects of the official permission procedure, collect the documents needed for export purposes and achieve door-to-door delivery (checking no-export status, export licence, logistics, insurance of delivery and convenient packing). You may rather watch a nice exhibition instead.

b.. don't know what picture you own? Coming to your home our professional painting appraiser identifies the (at least probable) author, year or period, and of course supplies you with an actual offer if necessary.

c.. have a nice piece of art which needs restoration? We shall manage overall state estimation, restoration or repair of the highest quality available in the country.

d.. wish to have a photo of your picture? We shall prepare the ultimate photo shot series of your beloved artworks by classical or digital camera and present it to you on normal paper, photo paper, slide or CD upon your kind request.

e.. would like to dress your picture into a nice frame and passepartout? We shall help you to find the most esthetic ones in town and perform an extra quick framing.

f.. need help with handling heritage consisting pieces of art? - A valuable piece of art shall keep or improve its value by taking the appropriate steps of professional documentation, safety, insurance or possible art historian research tasks. We would be glad to serve your art values this way.

g.. imagine your own exhibition? Based on our so many years of experience we shall be most glad to support you with this compound and unexpectedly difficult challenge. Anywhere and from your collection or from the artworks of the gallery. Starting with the search for the convenient exhibition room, going through the enyojable work of artwork selection, then the seemingly simple work of fixing the pictures on the walls safe and spectacular and not to forget to reach the relevant media in time - this is a real time consuming job. But to open your own exhibition - that lasts in people's mind and will be an unforgettable experience for you, your family and friends or for the partners your company.

h.. would like to rent a picture? The reputation and fame of a special event or occasion - as a Wedding Day or a Birthday - may be well aided with the presence of one or more unique pieces of art.

i.. have no idea for an extraordinary present/gift? Or is in the last minute rush for an adequate picture? We shall try to do our best in order to advise you on the most suitable, unique piece of art within the planned price limit to be memorable for generations.

j.. are interested in the hidden secrets of the Budapest or Hungarian art market, but don't know where to start? Our Art Guide Service is ready to show you around with the help of qualified art expert colleagues. We will not only take you to the most important Auction Houses, Galleries and Exhibition Halls or Museums, but could guide you to purchasing sites which only a few insiders know.

k.. you are facing the task of organising an event, but haven't found the proper room yet? We are open to smaller Club size events or art performances, studies and saloons at our site at Falk Miksa street 13.

l.. would like to know the value of your picture? Painting appraisal - On the basis of the latest auction and exhibition data as well as our insider market information we will give an estimation of the effectively affordable price level, help to prepare the picture for a sale through the most suitable marketing channel and - if that was the original purpose - at the end we can help selling the picture as well.

m.. looking for investment opportunities? Consultation Service to Collectors, Investors and those showing an interest towards Hungarian fine art market - What to buy? Where to buy? How much to buy for? Hungarian art market has been continuously improving and changing. We help collectors and investors who plan or have just started building their own private or company collections, but haven't enough knowledge of the Hungarian market so far - for example because they lived abroad for a while or wish to widen their fields of interest.

n.. thinking about selling your picture without removing it from your wall? The solution is Virtual Goods on Commission. You don't have to move your big, heavy, hard-to-handle, valued pieces of art should they be unavailable for any reason. We will show them in our virtual marketplace with the help of a simple and quick digital photography and start looking for the prospective buyer without even touching them.

o.. need help with documentation? A valuable piece of art shall keep or increase its value by taking the appropriate professional documentation, safety, insurance or possible art historian research tasks. We would be glad to serve your wealth this way.

p.. facing problems with importing a painting? We shall arrange all aspects of the process - just like with export.

H-1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 13. Telephone: +36-1/302-5337. Mobil: +36-20/983-7246
E-mail: haasgaleria@haasgaleria.hu, haasgaleria@tvnetwork.hu
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